Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sean Griswolds Head Review

Sean Griswold's Head
Description from goodreads:
Payton Gritas likes everything just so-she even color-codes the pages of her school planner. But her perfectly organized life falls apart when she learns that her father has MS-and that her parents have been keeping it a secret. Payton refuses to speak to her parents about the illness and lands herself in the school guidance office where she's encouraged to choose a personal focus exercise to help her deal with her feelings. It's a completely ridiculous exercise, but Payton decides to try it. For her focus object, she chooses Sean Griswold's head. Sean and Payton have been linked since kindergarten (Gritas/Griswold-it's an alphabetical order thing) but she's never really known him. The more Payton focuses on his head, the more Payton becomes intrigued with Sean Griswold. Sean is training for a bike race, shares Payton's Seinfeld obsession, and seems to have a secret or two of his own. As their relationship develops, Payton realizes that it actually helps to focus on something else for awhile-especially something like Sean Griswold. But focusing on Sean won't fix her battered relationship with her father. For that, Payton has to focus on herself.

After Payton finds out her dad has MS and they didn't tell her for 6 months, she quits basketball, and is not talking to her family. Her parents become concerned and send her to the school counselor, who tells her she needs a focus object; Sean Griswold's Head. So she starts noticing Sean more and more and likes what she sees, they take bike rides together and she likes him more.Sean even encourages her to bike for MS. After awhile when things start getting too intense she breaks it off. Payton learns to start focusing on herself than any object.

I would have been mad if my parents never told me my father had MS, but I would have gotten over that quickly and spent more time with him. Payton did the opposite, she ignored him and started wearing his shirt almost like he was dead. She soon learns that he's not and lets him in again. She is also getting to know Sean a lot more and I like him, he's a sweetheart. This was a good story and it focused on a disease that affects a lot of people. 4/5

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