Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review: Loser/Queen by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Loser/Queen by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Description from goodreads:
Cammy Hall is what anyone would describe as a loser. She lives with her grandparents and has adopted their way of life… right down to the comfortable shoes and early bedtime. And can she help it that she actually likes to knit?
At school, her skills with knitting needles and some yarn go completely unappreciated: people like Bekka Bell reign while Cammy and her best friend, the fearless Danish exchange student Gerdi, watch from the sidelines. Cammy’s used to being an outsider; after years of humiliating moments, her goal is simply to fly under the radar. Then she suddenly starts receiving mysterious text messages that lead her right to all the embarrassing secrets about the most popular kids in school. Cammy never expected to be able to climb up the high school food chain, and the agenda of the texter may be questionable—but how can she possibly give up the chance to be Queen?


Cammy Hall is not popular. She has one friend, knits (I do too, lol), and she doesn't care what she looks like. When she starts receiving texts from a random number telling her what to do, she becomes wildly popular even landing a boyfriend and new friends in the process and leaving behind the old one. When people find out what she has done she loses it all, but her old friend is no longer there for her either.

I was wondering who this secret texter was the whole time, I was quite surprised who it was. I was also not liking Cammy very much, ditching your friends for a cool new status does not sit well with me. Cammy ended up losing it all, like I thought she would. She also didn't get to keep the guy, which surprised me, usually they let her keep the guy. This was an okay book, I preferred the Peaches series by the author. 3/5

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