Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Back

Hey everybody, I just got back from Nebraska. It was an amazing trip, I got to see my amazing little cousins who I completely adore. My cousin Andrew, who is now 2, can now say "i-cole"  (Nicole), I love it. He also now hates being helped into his highchair so tries to do it himself and goes "self". I had anamzing time at the zoo in Omaha, I went on this thing called the Skyfari and almost wet my pants I was so scared, of course my ten year old  cousin Hannah was laughing, she was not scared at all. The gorillas were also not out so it made me a little sad. The bookstores were fun, a lot bigger than mine. I still have not been to a Barnes and Noble, but I went to Half Price Books and got like 8 books  and a journal and bookmark for 40 bucks....not bad. I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter.

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