Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Izzy's Popstar Plan

Description from booksneeze:

Izzy Baxter has big plans—popstar plans.
Ever since she was six, she’s dreamed of becoming the world’s next singing sensation. Now sixteen, her singing career is on the rise, and she’s been selected to compete on the hit TV show International Popstar Challenge. As Izzy performs in far off locations such as Tokyo and Paris, it seems as if her plans are coming off without a hitch. But God has plans of His own, and Izzy will soon discover that living for Him is “way cooler” than megastar fame.
Presented like a daily blog, set up like a devotional, and read like a novel—this book will be an instant hit with tween girls. This cutting edge new product will meet girls where they are, and girls will love following Izzy on her incredible adventure. Plus, they’ll get daily spiritual food to equip them on their own incredible adventure with God.

Izzy wants to be a star, when her dream  comes true with out any problems, but she soon discovers living for god is much better than fame.

I liked the book, it was an easy read and it flowed without a hitch. Izzy is a likeable character. I really enjoyed Izzy and reading about her life. It was like I was experiencing everything with her and getting to see everything through her eyes. But it was childish, if I was younger I think I would really like this more. 2/5

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  1. This sounds like a good read! :) I like the cover too.

    Oh, I can't wait to read the rest of the Wake series! :) I really enjoyed it.