Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Are You Going To Kiss Me Now? by Sloane Tanen

Are You Going to Kiss Me Now?
Publication date: April 2011
Published by Sourcebooks Fire
ISBN: 140225461X
Description from goodreads:
High school junior Francesca Manning is an outsider, an aspiring writer and secret devourer of celebrity gossip mags. A fake essay to Seventeen wins her the celeb-schmoozing opportunity of a lifetime, but after the plane crashes, she's stranded on a desert island with five of the most clueless, self-involved headcases to escape Hollywood. Happily skewering their foibles in witty observations on her iPhone proves surprisingly educational for Francesca. The group must work together to survive-if they don't insult each other to death first.
The books idea really interested me. I thought, this will be a really romantic and sweet read.
The book was a bit of a disappointment. The author portrayed the stereotypical celebrity, and that wasn't something I wanted to read about.
I liked the boy celebs at first, but they were disappointing in the end, and hurt her, and maybe that is real life.
The book did make me laugh and that was a definite plus. The things that happened to them and the confession scene were great. The book was a good read. 3/5

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