Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Clarity by Kim Harrington

Publisher: Scholastic, Incorporated
Release Date: March 01, 2011
ISBN: 0545230500

Description from goodreads:
 When you can see things others can't, where do you look for the truth?

This paranormal murder mystery will have teens reading on the edge of their seats.
Clarity "Clare" Fern sees things. Things no one else can see. Things like stolen kisses and long-buried secrets. All she has to do is touch a certain object, and the visions come to her. It's a gift.
And a curse.
When a teenage girl is found murdered, Clare's ex-boyfriend wants her to help solve the case--but Clare is still furious at the cheating jerk. Then Clare's brother--who has supernatural gifts of his own--becomes the prime suspect, and Clare can no longer look away. Teaming up with Gabriel, the smoldering son of the new detective, Clare must venture into the depths of fear, revenge, and lust in order to track the killer. But will her sight fail her just when she needs it most?

Being able to touch things and see what has touched those things would be kind of annoying. The whole family having having gifts is pretty cool. Thank god my mother can't read my mind, she would not like what she was hearing.

I liked Clare and thought she was a strong girl. She stands up for herself (pours cups of soda on people's heads, Yells, things like that.)

I was also kind of digging Justin (even though he cheated on Clare and I thought he was a killer), but I liked Gabriel even more (I kind of thought he was the killer too). I also thought the killer was her brother or his friend at one point.

The book was a mystery til the end, but the ending was a kind of a diappointment because I don't know if she got together with Gabriel or back together with Justin, it just ended after the exciting scene. 4/5


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