Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lynn Visible Review

Lynn Visible
LynnVisible by Julia DeVillers

Description from goodreads:
The coolest teen fashion magazine is looking for fashion-savvy girls to be on their advisory panel. It's perfect for Lynn Vincent, who eats, breathes, and sleeps fashion. However Lynn is so fashion forward that shes years ahead of the trends in her small town. Lynn is so in, she's out, especially with Chasey Welch and her popular circle. But Lynn may finally get her moment in the spotlight and on the runway when a famous designer gets her hands on one of Lynns unique creations.


Lynn is just entering highschool, she expresses herself through what she wears, including a polly pocket necklace. Everywhere she goes she is stared at, not because of her looks, her clothes, she wears what she is feeling. She is also tormented by The "It" girl at school.
When Lynn decides to try out for the IT Panel for a fashion magazine, it goes horribly wrong and ends up with her shoe ending up in a major fashion designers salad. She is so embarassed she runs away.
Wierd thing is the fashion designer is really impressed with Lynn's shoe. They name Lynn the face of the magazine, but when things start heading in the wrong direction Lynn stays true and decides to not let the "shoe" become millions of shoes.

This was one of those books that was an easy read, but it was super predictable. I thought it was a total cliche and I wish I could of liked it more. If I was younger, this would have been a good book. It teaches good lessons like be yourself and don't let someone change you and take advantage of you. 3/5

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