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Department 19 (ARC) by Will Hill

Department 19 (Department 19, #1)
Department 19 (ARC) by Will Hill

Description from goodreads:
In a secret supernatural battle that's been raging for over a century, the stakes have just been raised -- and they're not wooden anymore. When Jamie Carpenter's mother is kidnapped by strange creatures, he finds himself dragged into Department 19, the government's most secret agency. Fortunately for Jamie, Department 19 can provide the tools he needs to find his mother, and to kill the vampires who want him dead. But unfortunately for everyone, something much older is stirring, something even Department 19 can't stand up against!

Nicole's REVIEW:

So I did not finish the book, I got about 100 pages in and couldn't finish it. I usually don't read in boys perspectives, so I was not really into this, also it kept switching places in time. I am also not a big a sci-fi fan. This was not a good book choice for ME.

So I had my sister read it. Heres her review.....

Erika's REVIEW:

This book is about a boy named Jamie; he did not believe in vampires, werewolves, or Frankenstein the monster, until two years after his dad died and his mother got kidnaped by one of the oldest vampires in the world. He goes to department 19 once he was rescued by Frankenstein. Jamie learns some disturbing things about his dad, that he later finds out his dad did not do the things that he was acuused of. Jamie ends up getting a lot of help from Larissa, a vampire who had tried to kill him twice. Jamie gets a couple of leads as to where his mother is, but when he goes and checks them out  it seems like Alexandru is aways one step ahead of them. Jamie can only come to one conclussion, that somebody that he thought that he could trust is telling Alexandru when they are coming, but in the end Jamie gets the best of Alexandru and defeats him.
I really liked this book because Will Hill had put two epic stories together in one and it was really interesting. I really liked how it ended because it wasn't what I was expecting. I thought that it was well written because it had a lot of back ground information on Dracula and other things. I can not wait for the second one to come out, if there is going to be a second one. Erika gives the book a 5/5. She Loved it.

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